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6月5日 日本文化と生活習慣のアニメ動画「神社とお寺」「スーパーやコンビニの利用の仕方」をアップしました。」
5月30日 日本文化と生活習慣のアニメ動画「お花見」「自動販売機」をアップしました。
9月30日 N3 映像授業をアップしました。
7月29日 N1 漢字をアップしました。
7月12日 N1 文法、語彙をアップしました。
介護特定技能対策問題 近日配信予定


We worked hard to create a complete and easy-to-understand online Japanese learning system for foreigners.


This is a beginner course for people who plan to study Japanese from now on. In this course, you start learning from how to write Hiragana and Katakana. Additionally, the course focuses on acquisition of basic words such as greetings, numbers, date and time, weather and seasons and etc.


This introductory and beginners course aims for passing JLPT N5. It consists of 50 units in total, and each unit has video lessons, conversations, words, grammar explanations and exercises (tests). There is also a correspondence table with "MINNA NO NIHONGO" textbook, so you can easily learn through this online course and "MINNA NO NIHONGO" textbook together.


This pre-intermediate course aims for passing JLPT N4. It consists of total 40 units, 20 units in first and 20 units in the second volumes. Each unit has video lessons, conversation, words, grammar explanations and practice (tests). Students with basic knowledge of Japanese can start from this N4 course.


This is an intermediate course that aims not only to pass JLPT N3, but also to make the smooth improvement to JLPT N2 and study more for Business Japanese. It has total 20 units consisting of reading about 1000-word paragraphs, reading comprehension, grammar, kanji, true/false questions, listening comprehension, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

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This is an advanced course that aims to pass JLPT N2 which is necessary for attending vocational schools and universities. Same as the N3+ course, it is composed in a comprehensive problem format of 20 units consisting reading sentences, reading comprehension, grammar, kanji, true/false questions, listening and fill-in-the-blank questions.


This is an advanced course for those who want to study in graduate schools or work as high-tech professionals. In this course, there are 5 sections; ‘Vocabulary’, ‘Kanji’, ‘Grammar’, ‘Reading’ and ‘Listening’. As each section offers a large amount of content, so you can see all the necessities for studying to pass JLPT N1. To those who want to pass N1, we recommend you to start from the section at which you are weak.

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Kanji courses for N5, N4 and N3 levels are established newly. You start from level N5 and continue to other upper levels. It consists of Onyomi & Kunyomi kanji readings, writing orders, two kanji character words and example sentences".

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This course introduces various culture of Japan. It is a corner providing full information about how to buy a ticket, transportation from the airport, taking a bus or train, culture of greetings, eating manners, opening a bank account, finding a part-time job and etc. which you can learn before you come to Japan,

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My Calendar

You can see the progress of your study. The date and time of the study, unit and test (test) scores are displayed on the personal calendar. This feature are available only to those who has an account.

Possibility of using in other platforms

The system works on PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and etc.


More features

We are working on systematically integrating many features to evolve a complete system for both users and managers.

Native speaker's lessons

All video classes are lectured by the university teacher who teaches a Japanese language special course at the university. If you are not good at JLPT listening, this is a good chance for practicing it. For better effect we advise listening repeatedly.

Multilingual explanations

There are explanations not only in Japanese but also in more than 15 different languages such as English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Burmese, Russian, Bengali, Uzbek etc. It fits the learners who does not know Japanese as they can learn in their native language. We will continue adding more languages in the future.

learning flexibility

Our system is available for using on computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can study easily anytime and anywhere.

System Development of E-learning

"jElearning" is being upgraded every day. Currently, 「ZERO~N2」courses are available and N1 course will be uploaded soon. The Kanji course is started with 150 characters for each course, and we are now preparing to add more. In addition, Culture course will soon be available with illustrations and videos to make you understand easily. Business Japanese will also be uploaded in near future in response to requests.

Complete textbook system

Since the textbook for each course is also available, you can study with full use of “Listening, Reading and Writing”. You can order and purchase from this HP.

Complete management system

We have a management system for group learning such as for schools and companies. Progress of the students, learning date and past level can be seen at a glance, so it is useful for learning and teaching guidance. There is also a function of several separate classes management. Please contact us for further information regarding this function.

Management system

Student management

Monitor the progress of the students

Create an event for a group

Notify the students

Staff management


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